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The truth about loan modifications and how our loan modification attorney can help!

Are you trying to modify your current mortgage and getting the run around from the mortgage company?  Unfortunately, this is a very common problem facing homeowners today.  There are many factors that affect the loan modificaton process and an experienced loan modification attorney can assist you through this process.

The most dangerous option for consumers today is the loan modification. Many if not all of the companies calling themselves loan modification experts are nothing more than scam artists. Often, they do no more than fill out forms that you are more than capable of filling out yourself, and charge you thousands of dollars to do so. They will often make empty guarantees or claim to have special access to the banks or to government programs. They do not. At best, you will waste valuable time and money if you turn to any of these companies without first consulting an attorney. At worst, you may reduce your legitimate options by following their advice. To learn if a loan modification is worth pursuing contact our office to discuss with an experienced foreclosure attorney.

We will explain to you how a loan modification works, give you a realistic analysis of your options, and we have the tools available to incorporate an aggressive legal defense while also helping you explore a loan modification with your mortgage company.


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