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Why fight a foreclosure in Florida:

Foreclosure Defense is the term used to describe your foreclosure strategy.  It is used to help homeowners keep their home and used to help people walk away from the home.  So if you are in foreclosure now, or expect to be in the future, a solid foreclosure defense strategy is a must no matter what you ultimately decide to do with the property.  Did you know that the bank can still sue you for a deficiency even after a foreclosure sale! Without proper representation you risk many unforeseen consequencecs.

What is Foreclosure Defense– Foreclosure Defense at The Owens Law Firm is a combination of legal defenses, financial stability planning and alternative solutions negotiated outside of the legal system. When you retain The Owens Law Firm, we will respond to your lawsuit with solid legal defenses that will prevent the mortgage company from taking your home without a fight. We handle all legal aspects of your case and explain how and why we file the motions and defenses on your behalf. In addition, we conduct a thorough financial analysis and create your personal debt relief action plan to get you through your current crisis. We also assist in negotiations with the bank or mortgage company to determine if a loan modification, payment forgiveness, or deficiency waiver is an option.


Can I really fight my foreclosure – Yes you can. Many homeowners have defenses to foreclosure that allow them to win or delay the foreclosure lawsuit. The Owens Law Firm will identify your best foreclosure defense strategy to help you take back control of your situation and stop the mortgage company from taking advantage of you. These foreclosure defense strategies will allow you to leverage your position no matter if you are trying to qualify for a loan modification, want to explore a short sale or deed in lieu or even utilize a strategic default with a waiver of deficiency.

You only have 20 days to respond to the foreclosure summons and complaint. – From the date that you receive your summons or complaint, the clock is ticking. To protect your rights, you must respond in writing within 20  days or lose the right to do so.  Even if you do not know for certain if you want to keep your home you still should respond to the Court within 20 days.  Failure to answer the foreclosure summons within 20 days may cause you to lose valuable defenses in your case. To discuss your options please contact our foreclosure attorney to learn more.

 How long does a foreclosure take in Florida? – This is one of the most important and often asked questions when one is facing foreclosure. Unfortunately there is no common, clear cut answer. However, the good news is that you have powerful tools at your disposal that can drastically affect the answer to this question. How long you can remain in your home depends on a number of things including the status of your case, the defenses that are available, proper presentation of those defenses by a foreclosure lawyer, and even how many cases are backlogged in our courts.  A Florida Foreclosure Defense Attorney can help you maximize the amount of time you have in your home while facing foreclosure.  We will explain to you all of your options and help you determine the right path.  Your foreclosure defense strategy will determine the amount of time a foreclosure takes in Florida.

To learn more please contact our foreclosure defense attorney today, and check out these pages that will help you find your best foreclosure defense strategy.

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