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Do not listen to friends or neighbors when seeking legal advise.

Would you go see an accountant to get your car fixed?  Would you go to a mechanic to do your taxes?  Of course not!  Then why would you listen to a friend or neighbor when it comes to something as serious as a foreclosure.

Quite simply, a foreclosure is a lawsuit filed against you in the Circuit Court of the State of Florida.  In many ways this lawsuit does not differ from being sued by someone for injuries in an accident or any other lawsuit you hear about.

Because of the volume of foreclosures in the state of Florida, many people have become self proclaimed experts and will try to steer you towards something from which they will benefit.  Everyone knows someone that has either experienced a foreclosure first hand or wants to tell you about their "friend's" experience.  Even those with the best intentions do not always give you the whole truth, and those that have something to gain from your situation will lie to you for their own gain. 

Since you are involved in a lawsuit the only person that should give you advice is a licensed Florida attorney.  In fact, it is a crime in the state of Florida for anyone to give legal advice if they are not a licensed attorney.

Mr. Owens practices in the area of bankruptcy, foreclosure defense, debt relief, and creditor harassment.  This experience allows him to not only advise you regarding a pending foreclosure, but also explain to you the often ignored consequences of the foreclosure, a short sale or any other action you are considering.  Remember that this consultation is free.

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