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Foreclosure Defense Attorney protects homeowners from common mistakes in Florida Foreclosures. 

Do it Yourself.  As tempting as it may be, do not make the mistake of trying to fight your foreclosure without the help of a foreclosure defense attorney. Even though you hear lots of stories of people that stay in their house for months or even years without the help of a foreclosure defense attorney, there are even more stories of people that lost their house within just a few weeks because they made basic mistakes that cost them their home.  Remember that there are always additional issues that arise when facing a foreclosure and you need a foreclosure defense attorney to make sure you are not making things worse for yourself.  Often your total debt should be evaluated along with the foreclosure lawsuit.  Even if you choose not to hire a foreclosure defense attorney you owe it to yourself to take advantage of our free consultation. We will discuss not only your pending foreclosure, but also explore options ranging from bankruptcy and debt relief to specific asset protection strategies that will give you piece of mind and protect your future.  It costs you nothing and may save you hundreds of thousands of dollars now and in the future. 

Cashing in Your Retirement. This is almost never a good idea. That money will rarely be enough to provide a permanent solution to your financial problems. Once it is gone, it is impossible to get it back. Your retirement is protected from most if not all collection actions,and and is even protected if you file bankruptcy. Always keep your money in your retirement account and take the time to seek legal help before you make the mistake of draining your retirement account.  Facing a foreclosure is one thing, but don't go broke saving a sinking ship. Our foreclosure defense attorney can help you understand your options and may save your financial future. Do not make the mistake of cashing in your retirement account to pay off any debt, including your mortgage without speaking with an experienced debt relief lawyer.

Moving Out of Your House. There are very few reasons to move out of your house until the court says otherwise. Banks are famous for telling you that a sale date is scheduled for your property even when your case is still pending and a sale date is months and months away, if even scheduled at all. Not only are these lies by the bank despicable, they are also illegal. Our debt relief lawyer will explain to you the foreclosure process so you have the knowledge to recognize these lies.  So if you want to keep your house, do not move out until you learn you options and consult a foreclosure defense attorney.  You may lose the ability to protect your homestead property, apply for a loan mod, deed in lieu or short sale if you are not residing in the home.  A free consultation with our Florida foreclosure defense attorney will help you decide your best strategy and show you the foreclosure mistakes to avoid.

Listening to Friends and Neighbors. It seems that you can’t turn around without running into someone who has been affected by this financial tsunami. Each will have their own story, and often a story about a friend who tried something, a “magic bullet”, that miraculously solved their problems. Don’t believe it. With so many people facing this financial crisis, if someone had discovered any quick and easy answer, no one would be in trouble right?  Your friends may mean well, but you simply cannot rely on these urban legends to replace solid legal advice with rumors. We meet with people every week that listened to their friend or real estate agent and now are not only losing their home to a foreclosure, they are still liable for the mortgage debt after the foreclosoure sale. Take the time to speak to a foreclosure defense attorney about your options. The consultation is free. 813-289-7574

Hire a Loan Modification Company. Loan modification companies are one of the biggest scams of the decade. They make big promises, often charge thousands of dollars, and then leave you worse off than before. They are lying to you and trying to steal your money. I know this from personal experience since so many of our clients come to us to help stop the foreclosures that resulted from hiring these companies. There may be legitimate loan modification companies out there, but we have yet to see one. If you do decide to use one of these companies, make sure everything is in writing and do not pay a fee until the loan modification has been completed and approved. The truth is that your chance of getting a loan modification is low at best, with or without spending thousands of dollars on one of these scams.  An experienced foreclosure defense attorney can assist you with the loan modification process while protecting your legal rights.  The attorneys at The Owens Law Firm, P.A. are always up to date on the latest government and bank loan modification programs and can help determine your eligibility and complete the process.  

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