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Florida Foreclosure Defense

FORECLOSURE! The word itself can strike fear in your heart and keep you up at night.  Like many of us,  you never thought that a foreclosure was something that you would ever have to worry about.  The idea of losing your home is not something that is easy to deal with and can effect you in every aspect of your life.  That is why the foreclosure attorneys at The Owens Law Firm, P.A. are dedicated to providing guidance and answers to those in need. 

A foreclosure is the process the bank or lender uses to take your home.  In simple terms, the bank or lender asks that the court allow a reposession of your home so the outstanding loan can be satisfied.  In todays economy there is usually a deficiency balance owed even after the foreclosure.  This means that even after the foreclosure that you may owe money to the bank!  However, there are steps that you can take to protect yourself and your family. A foreclosure defense attorney can protect your rights and keep you in your home.

If you are among the thousands of homeowners who have received a summons or a complaint, you are being sued.  This summons signals the official start of your foreclosure. Your mortgage company has filed a lawsuit against you and is asking the court to take your home.  A foreclosure attorney from The Owens Law Firm, P.A. will present your defenses to the court, protect you from the fraud and lies coming from the mortgage company, and show you the best way to overcome this situation. Our experienced foreclosure lawyers are trained in all areas of debt relief and can explore a myriad of options in addition to the foreclosure defense strategy.

We understand that our home is our biggest investment, financially and emotionally. Facing the loss of this part of our lives and our futures is often devastating, embarrassing and almost always confusing. You may hear stories or get advice from friends, family, real estate agents or even the person who served you with the summons. None of these people have the professional expertise that you now need. They do not know the law, know your rights, or have the experience to help you determine the best way for you to protect yourself and your family.

Should I hire a foreclosure defense lawyer:

For you to have the best chance of keeping your home and protecting yourself against future financial disaster, you should immediately seek the help of an experienced foreclosure attorney. Time is of the essence, since you only have 20 days from the date of the summons or complaint to respond in writing. The time it takes to foreclose on a property in Florida is entirely dependent on a timely answer to the foreclosure complaint.

Even if you decide to do nothing, you owe it to yourself and your family to examine all your options and make an informed decision. Our debt relief lawyers will explain to you all of your options including those that have you walking away from the property.  Our lawyers will devise a complete strategy that works for you and your specific needs. Don’t gamble your family's future.

You should definitely understand that at this point in your life, your bank is no longer your friend. Do not believe that they “really don’t want” your house. If they didn’t want it, they would not have sued you. Do not believe it if they tell you that as long as you are working on a loan modification plan, they will not foreclose on you. They can and they will. Our lawyers will explain to you how this can happen and the best way to stay protected.

What is even worse than these lies and tricks is how difficult the banks and mortgage companies often make the process of trying to work with them. Many of our clients came to us in total frustration, after trying their best to “do what’s right” but only getting the run around from their bank. If you have already begun to deal with your financial institution, you probably already know that when you call for help, you often get completely different answers each time you call. It is not unusual for a mortgage company to tell you that you must be at least 90 days behind on your mortgage before they will consider you for a loan modification. This is not true.

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