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How Long Does Foreclosure Take in Florida?

The short answer is it depends. Many factors determine how long a foreclosure takes in Florida.  This answer may be different depending on which county the lender filed the foreclosure suit and the steps you take within the first 20 days of being served. For example, how long a foreclosure takes in Pasco County tells us nothing about how long a foreclosure takes in Hillsborough County, even when the facts of the case are identical.

The good news is that you have some control over how long the foreclosure process takes in your case.  No matter what your ultimate goal, our foreclosure defense attorneys will help you reach that goal. 

If you need more time in the property, or to explore a strategic default,  a loan modificaion, or even to strip a second mortgage via a bankruptcy we can help.  No matter what you situation you owe it to yourself and your family to make an informed decision that not only addresses your foreclosure case, but also protects your future.  Our foreclosure attorneys utilize a Four Step Debt Relief analysis to identify the best foreclosure defense strategy for you.

Benefit of hiring a foreclosure defense attorney.

A good Florida foreclosure defense attorney will help you control the amount of time that the foreclosure process takes. The best foreclosure defense strategies combine cutting edge legal work, Federal resources, and knowledge of the players in your specific foreclosure case. Our foreclosure defense attorney will be able to show you any problems that exist in your foreclosure case and develop defenses to fight your foreclosure. The obvious benefit of this is that you, the homeowner, will be able to take back contol of your life and alleviate a large amount of stress. Quite simply, you can have a say in how your foreclosure case proceeds and will have an experienced foreclosure defense attorney helping you every step of the way to ensure that all of your options are explored and you make the best decisions for you and your family.

I wish there was a crystal ball that could give you the exact amount of time your foreclosure will take, but we know that doesn't exist.  In much the same way, you should be leary of foreclosure defense attorneys that "guarantee" a specific amount of time before they have taken your case.  Often times this is a sign of an attorney that is not familiar with the foreclosure process in Florida, and is more interested in your money.  The same thing goes double for any non attorney that guarantees you extra time in your foreclosure case. Not only are they lying to you, their actions are illegal.

How Long Does Foreclosure Take

Using the right foreclosure defense attorney is important.

Our Foreclosure Defense Attorneys will help you understand your options and fight your foreclosure!

Foreclosure Defense AttorneyYour home is usually your most valuable possession and the loss of your home can have a devastating effect on your family. Even if you only need more time to make a decision you will need to fight your foreclosure.

You must act quickly to protect your rights and to protect your family. 

Even if you have missed mortgage payments you can still fight your foreclosure.  The laws of Florida provide specific protection for your home and are designed to protect your most important possession.  Consequently, the lender or Note holder must comply with state laws before they can seize your home.  If you are facing a foreclosure and want to stand up for yourself and your family contact a foreclosure attorney at The Owens Law Firm.

An experienced foreclosure litigation lawyer, such as those at The Owens Law Firm, can provide you with the advice and perspective that you need to make the right decision.  If you want to stay in your home, or you want to just "get all of this behind you", our foreclosure lawyers can help.  The foreclosure situation here in Florida is stacked against the borrowers and the situation is only getting worse.  Hiring the right foreclosure lawyer may be the difference between overcoming your mortgage problems and being buried by them.

Do not believe that the judge, the bank or the court will protect you.  The modern day gold rush that was Florida real estate was fueled by the loan securitization vehicle of Wall Street.  This means that you are not just fighting against your local bank, you are fighting all of Wall Street.  This global ponzi scheme created a truly unbelievaible scenario in which the rights to your home mortgage have been chopped up and sold as bonds around the entire world.  This is why your mortgage company won't do anything to help you.

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Foreclosure and Foreclosure Defense the Big Picture

Foreclosure doesn’t usually come as a big surprise to homeowners. You probably know, well before it happens, that you’re going to have trouble making your mortgage payments. Maybe you’ve been laid off or face unexpected medical bills, or maybe that adjustable-rate mortgage you took out a couple of years ago is scheduled to reset at a much higher rate, making payments out of reach.

Once you do fall behind, you’ve probably got a few months before your lender even starts the foreclosure process. The fact that foreclosure is a process—sometimes a long one—is good news for you. You don’t need to panic. You’ll have time to plan, negotiate, and evaluate your options—if you act as soon as you smell trouble coming. The more time you have, the better.

If your only problem is a few missed payments, your lender will probably be willing to let you get current over time or even add the missed payments to the end of the loan. If you’ve missed four or five payments, your lender may not be flexible—but you still may be able to work something out.

Don’t wait for the lender to contact you. Just as soon as you realize you’re going to have trouble making your mortgage payments, you can and should start working on the problem. Luckily, the lawyers at The Owens Law Firm, P.A. in Tampa, Fl provide a free consultation and can start you on the path to recovery today.  It's never too early to develop and enact a debt relief action plan.

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A Foreclosure Defense Attorney can protect your home and your financial future.

The Owens Law Firm, is dedicated to assisting people survive the current financial crisis, with particular emphasis on foreclosure defense strategies and overall debt relief solutions.  Our Foreclosure Defense Attorney, Timothy S. Owens, has trained with some of the best foreclosure defense attorneys in the country, including April Charney and O. Max Gardner III. This training, along with his real life experience of helping hundreds of foreclosure clients, gives him a unique perspective on the current foreclosure crisis in Florida.

Our promise to you is honest and straightforward answers to your most pressing foreclosure questions. If you owe more than your house is worth, if you want to know your options or if you have actually been served with a foreclosure lawsuit you should contact a foreclosure defense attorney at The Owens Law Firm if you are experiencing or have questions regarding any of the following:

  • You are interested in a strategic default.
  • You want to learn about Short Sales
  • You owe more than your house is worth
  • You were told that you have to be 90 days late with your mortgage payment before you qualify for assistance.
  • The mortgage company says they lost your paperwork.
  • You have been making trial payments on a loan mod for more than 3 months.
  • You would like more information about the current foreclosure crisis in Florida.
  • You want to fight your foreclosure.
  • You want to educate yourself and protect your families future.
  • You want to learn your options by speaking with a licensed foreclosure defense attorney.
  • You are tired of all of the scams and fakes claiming to have answers to your foreclosure questions and want to speak to an honest foreclosure attorney.

Our website is designed to educate rather than sell you on our services. While we obviously want your business and are accepting new clients,our number one goal is to educate and empower you, the homeowner.

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Is a Deed-In-Lieu of Foreclosure a realistic solution?

A deed in lieu of foreclosure is a process in which you voluntarily turn over your home to the lender as an alternative to foreclosure.  Lender's are usually not interested in a deed in lieu of foreclosure when there is a second or junior mortgage or lien on the propertyIn fact, most lenders will not even consider a deed in lieu of foreclosure if there are ANY encumbrances or liens on the property other than their first mortgage. The reason for this is that a foreclosure is necesary for the lender to obtain clear title to your home.

A deed in lieu is usually not a lot of help for Florida property owners.  In the deed in lieu scenario you voluntarily terinate your ownership rights and usually get nothing in return. However, if the situation presents itself where the lender agrees to give you something in exchange for the deed then you may want to consider this option.  Specifically, a waiver of deficiency is often sought in a deed-in-lieu situation.  In addition, the lender may be willing to give you a small cash payout to assist in moving cost, correct or eliminate negative credit entries or give you additional time in the home before the eviction. It is always smart to get any agreement in writing before you take any action.  It is also smart to contact a foreclosure defense lawyer at The Owens Law Firm to learn more about a deed in lieu of foreclosure here in Florida.

If you are considering a deed in lieu of foreclosure, or simply want to see if this option is a realistic solution please contact our office. Remember that this consultation is free.


You must answer your foreclosure summons within 20 days!

If you are sued for foreclosure, you only have 20 calendar days to respond. You will receive critical information sent through the mail and you must make sure you fully understand these documents. Keep all your documents in one place so that you and your foreclosure attorney can review them and determine your best foreclosure defense strategy.  The way you answer your foreclosure summons makes a tremendous difference in how your foreclosure case will proceed.  Did you know that if you do not raise certain defenses in the answer to a foreclosure summons that you waive them forever? Obviously it is important to know the best way to respond to a foreclosure summons and our foreclosure defense attorneys will do that for you.

Take advantage of our free consultation and speak to a local foreclosure defense attorney that will review your specific case and take the time to understand your goals.  Our foreclosure attorney has handled hundreds of foreclosure lawsuits in Florida and will provide you with the best foreclosure defense strategy to fit your specific needs and financial goals.

The 20 days to respond to a foreclosure summons is a deadline imposed by the court and is one of the most important deadlines you will face during the foreclosure process.  Do not make the mistake of thinking this time frame can be ignored or you will get a second chance to present your side if you fail to respond. 

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Why fight a foreclosure in Florida:

Foreclosure Defense is the term used to describe your foreclosure strategy.  It is used to help homeowners keep their home and used to help people walk away from the home.  So if you are in foreclosure now, or expect to be in the future, a solid foreclosure defense strategy is a must no matter what you ultimately decide to do with the property.  Did you know that the bank can still sue you for a deficiency even after a foreclosure sale! Without proper representation you risk many unforeseen consequencecs.

What is Foreclosure Defense– Foreclosure Defense at The Owens Law Firm is a combination of legal defenses, financial stability planning and alternative solutions negotiated outside of the legal system. When you retain The Owens Law Firm, we will respond to your lawsuit with solid legal defenses that will prevent the mortgage company from taking your home without a fight. We handle all legal aspects of your case and explain how and why we file the motions and defenses on your behalf. In addition, we conduct a thorough financial analysis and create your personal debt relief action plan to get you through your current crisis. We also assist in negotiations with the bank or mortgage company to determine if a loan modification, payment forgiveness, or deficiency waiver is an option.

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