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Your free initial consultation

Congratulations on taking the first step on the road to financial freedom.  Your first appointment or inititial consultation will provide you with answers to your most pressing questions and provide you with invaluable information that you can put to use immediately.

 Our office has been designated a debt relief agency by the federal government.  We help people get out of debt, fight foreclosures and fight back against abusive debt collectors. Our legal fees vary based upon the specifics of your case, and we offer payments plans to fit any budget.  Often times we are able to get started at no cost to you.

You will not be charged for nor asked to pay anything whatsoever at your initial consultation.  This consultation is designed to be a no-pressure, informative and relaxed meeting where you are able to discuss all of your concerns and questions with an experienced Florida attorney.

You are not required to bring any documents with you to your initial consultation.  However, the more detailed information you can provide your attorney, the better the answers and benefit to you.  Some items to consider bringing to this initial consultation are as follows:

  • Copy of any lawsuit (foreclosure, credit card, business, etc...)
  • Most recent mortgage statement (even if months old)
  • Gather and bring all bills or collection letters you can find 
  • Review your phone records and identify ANY phone number you believe MAY be a bill collector (list the number, date, time, and creditor if known) This form may help.
  • Determine a ballpark value for your home, other real estate, vehicles, etc... (use Kelly Blue Book, Zillow, Property appraiser, etc... just to get a rough estimate)
  • Bring a recent statement from any account that is secured by your home, other real estate, vehicles, etc... 
  • Bring any other document, letter, or questions that you have and we will discuss these in detail as well.

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