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Benefits of Filing Bankruptcy | Florida BK Attorneys

Bankruptcy provides immediate and tangible relief to your financial problems.  One of the first things that people will mention is a complete sense of relief and happiness.  Most clients say that after the bankruptcy petition is filed, that they had the most peacefule night of sleep that they have had in a long time.

The first thing you will notice is that all collection activities will cease.  This is accomplished almost immediately upon the filing of the bankruptcy by the triggering of the automatic stay. This means that you won't get those annoying phone calls anymore, and the mail won't be stuffed with collection letters. In fact, you should have a very clear picture of your finances and will be able to start building for the future.

Even wage garnishments and pending lawsuits, with few exceptions, will be stopped and resolved within the bankruptcy. Filing a bankruptcy is one of the few things that you can do that will address almost all of your financial problems and resolve these issues at once.  For more information and specific details regarding the benefits of filing bankruptcy call us for a free consultation.

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