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Bankruptcy Attorneys | Foreclosure Defense | Debt Relief | Tampa 

The attorneys at The Owens Law Firm, PA provide a wide variety of debt relief and real estate solutions throughout the state of Florida. For all the services you see listed below we provide a free initial consultation so you can make an informed decision.

Get Out of Debt: We provide customized debt relief action plans designed and customized for your specific needs.  This debt relief action plan considers all of the available options and describes in writing the pros and cons of each as they relate to your specific situation.  This is a very comprehensive and detailed report created by a Florida attorney and incoporates all available remedies. This is a great option for those that want a thorough review of their financial health and a complete understanding of all available options.

Foreclosure Defense: We provide comprehensive foreclosure defense protection. These services cover a wide range options geared towards your desired result. If you have been served a foreclosure summons or just need to know what options are available we are here to help. Our foreclosure attorney can help with defending the foreclosure lawsuit, preventing a deficiency judgment, loan modifications, short sale, and any other questions you have about your foreclosure. No matter what your situation, we will provide you with realistic and customized options to address your pending foreclosure.

Loan Modifications: We provide experienced and knowledgeable loan modification services.   If you have tried to work with your lender before, you know how frustrating and time consuming this process can be.  We have handle hundreds if not thousands of loan modifications and can put that experience to work for you. We are able to identify problems and provide solutions from the beginning which increases your chance of success. Whether you are in the middle of a loan modification process or just need more information about what options are available we can help. Our loan modification services provide you the best chance for success and lets you rest easy knowing an experienced professional is on your side.

Short Sales: We provide complete and total short sale assistance in Florida. A short sale attorney will help every step of the way, including finding a real estate agent, negotiating with the lender, and ensuring the proper language is in the contract that will protects you from additional collections. Even if you have already started the sale process or currently have your home listed for sale, we can provide you and/or your realtor with specific short sale negotiation services. Did you know that a short sale does not necessarily relieve you from the debt, even though the sale is approved by the bank?

Deed-in-lieu:  We provide specific services for those home owners seeking a deed-in-lieu. If you are simply trying to give the house back and want to avoid a deficiency judgment we can help. There are many factors that go into whether a bank will accept a deed in lieu of foreclosure and with our experience handling thousands of  foreclosures cases we can maximize your chance of success.

Bankruptcy:   We are a full service consumer bankruptcy law firm.  We handle Chapter 7, Chapter 13 and bankruptcies for consumers and small businesses. Bankruptcy is a powerful tool that can provide immediate relief to many of the most complex issues.

Debt Negotiation: We offer specific stand-alone debt negotiation services. If you are suffering from a pile of debt and bankruptcy is not the right answer for you, we can still help! We offer services that provide for attorney negotiated debt settlement which may reduce the amount owed and get your credit back on track.

Credit Repair: We can help you rebuild your credit. With our credit care service we identify and help you resolve your credit issues. We will review your credit report, identify the most damaging information, identify and fix any false information and develop a specific credit repair strategy designed to meet your specific needs.

Credit Card Lawsuits: We can defend you against a credit card or collections lawsuits.  You likely have valid defenses against your credit card company (or other creditors) if or when you are sued for these debts. We provide thorough legal defenses to these lawsuits and evaluate all available options to ensure you get the best result. We are often able to substantially reduce the amount owed or even wipe it out altogether depending upon your specific circumstances.

Stop the Phone Calls!: We can stop debt collector phone calls almost immediately! Even if you truly owe the debt, you have certain rights that we will protect.  Through our debt relief services and the statues listed below we can alleviate the stress of debt collectors and let you start answering the phone again.

Consumer Protection:  We protect people from abusive and aggressive debt collectors. If you or someone you know is being contacted about a debt, even if you know it is owed, please call us. We can often solve these problems with little to no cost to you, and get you immediate relief from the phone calls. There are specific laws that are designed to protect us from abusive and aggressive debt collectors; we will provide you with the tools and knowledge to protect you and your family and solve these problems once and for all.

Wage Garnishment: We can usually prevent and/or stop wage garnishment.  If you are having your wages or your bank accounts garnished we can help.  We will review the basis for the garnishment and develop a specific strategy to resolve this issue.

Student Loans:  If you or someone you know is drowning in student loan debt we can help. Although student loans are almost never dischargeable in a bankruptcy, there are still limits as to the amount and method they can use to collect these loans. We can review your specific circumstances and develop a customized strategy to deal your student loans.

Budget:   We provide specific and comprehensive budgeting services. This differs from a simple costs and expenses analysis in that it considers all legal options and shows you how the budget may be affected.  Think of it as a budget on steroids.  We can provide this as a stand-alone service or as part of a more comprehensive debt relief action plan. Although most people would agree that a budget is the first thing that should be looked at when facing financial problems, it is often the most neglected and misunderstood piece of the puzzle. This service will help you create and follow a realistic financial roadmap, while taking into consideration your immediate and long term goals. You will have an experienced debt relief attorney by your side through this process; this is more than just a simple one-page financial analysis this is a thorough look at your financial condition and specific solution going forward.

Price:  We offer a variety of legal services designed to fit any budget.  Some of our services are completely free of charge and we can work with you to design an affordable and effective legal strategy that addresses all of your needs.



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